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Mick Beaman

Composer - Musician - Vocalist 

Songwriter - Artist

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Ten epic instrumentals on Mick's tenth studio release. A survival kit for your musical needs. X (yes, that is a roman numeral for 10) has it all, from meditative and calming to high octane, gotta keep moving anthems. Available for streaming and download on November 30th.

Healing Rain

Beautifully crafted and moving from start to finish. Healing Rain is an honest reflection of the joys, the tears, and the hope we all experience in our relationships. Healing Rain will be available December 7th for streaming and download.

Mick Beaman

A Brief History of Time

Somewhere around 5 years old Mick discovered the art of noise by sitting in the middle of his parent's kitchen floor, hitting pots and pans with wooden spoons. Then came the first guitar, a gift from his grandmother. Then a dusty old piano that had been touched by more experienced hands, but never loved more.  Eventually forming his first band with the neighborhood boys Mick found there was more to music than making highly amplified sounds in the garage. Through the passage of time, and nation wide tours Mick learned the true nature of music. In his own words, " Music is the universal language that lives in all of us, it conducts our breathing and speaks for us when words fail."- Mick Beaman

 For over thirty years Mick has entertained audiences of all ages, sizes and genres. His unique blend of Americana, folk, classical and contemporary styles  draw the listener into each story. 

  "Mick's performance commanded the attention of the audience." Greg Bryan - Arizona Daily Star

  In 2016 Mick Married his best friend Zada , Currently they live in sunny Phoenix , Arizona where they are waiting patiently for one of their kids to give them grandchildren. 


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